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Who We Are

Our Mission is to inspire young adults to reflect leadership utilizing sustainable fashion and original entertainment.


The Mir`Ra IMAGE™ Foundation focuses on the many facets of encouraging a new harmonic voice, showcasing regional expression from flourishing individuals wanting to be an organic entertainer, while closing the gap between the schools and real-world social responsibilities. Ultimately providing mentor-ship with educators, entertainers, athletes, coaches and sponsors. As a result of this vision we will harness a unique hands-on leadership experience for a better society and Eco-system.

Music, art, and home economics are artistic subjects that have been missing from the curriculum of our primary educational system for years. An entire culture of education of the arts in our schools and communities has been taken away and that is unfortunate. To give our youth an opportunity to flourish artistically, a vehicle of organic resources has been created with a passion to educate communities, restore our climate, and empower our youth with a chance at healthy creative expression.

Covering 6 City of Phoenix districts we are always seeking new opportunities that allow us to fulfill our vision to support the youth and also fund raise!

Help us provide an outlet for the youth with a focus on Sustainable Fashion, Entertainment, and Education. Support our cause by donating or volunteer!. All donations are tax-deductible



9307 South 51st Ave #1160

Laveen, Arizona 85339

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