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Mir`Ra I.M.A.G.E.™ Means

Look!  Intelligent Means Age, Gender and Ethnicity

Mir`Ra IMAGE™ is a private foundation inspiring young adults to reflect leadership and a better future utilizing sustainable fashion and organic entertainment.

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What we work for

We strive to continue this vision to provide optional locations for young adults to focus on better education and becoming leaders toward a healthy lifestyle utilizing sustainable fashion and entertainment.


Our purpose is to allow young adults to be inspired to help shape a better future, while they reflecting leadership within themselves in a society  and  community willing to accept and support them for trying leadership a positive educational mindset and healthier intellect toward life.

"Twinkle" is described as

“like Lady Gaga for kids,”

She grew up onstage in show business, performing as a child and teen in L.A. doing TV, musical theatre (playing Bielke in Fiddler on the Roof at the age of seven and then taking off  to Broadway at 16 1/2 years of age right out of high school  to rock out in  in Jesus Christ Superstar  with Ted Neeley and the late Carl Anderson then toured the country and Canada in the national broadway  tour, Twinkle has done numerous national commercials, and voiceovers  being the singing voice for the Bratz doll commercials .  As a tween, she was a series regular in the first Spanish family comedy, Sanchez of Bel Air, for the USA network, and she also had a recurring role on NBC’s My Two Dads.


Children Friendly Fashion Event!

with"TWINKLE" April 1, 2021

 Plant-Based Facemask
Sewn By Paid Student and Parent Interns During Covid-19